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Potcast 102: CannaBiz Strategy

If you dream of making your mark in the cannabis space, this potcast challenges you to consider how your super-power might add value in shaping this budding, global industry. Jo explores the idea of following your passion for pot with Khal Razak, a global cannabis strategist. We also chat current challenges, growing pains, and strategies for cannabis retail in Canada. Find insights from the show and reputable cannabis education resources across North America in the show notes here.

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Potcast 86: Alberta Adventure Part 2

Dive deeper into the Canadian cannabis culture in this 420-edition of my Alberta adventure. I sat down with Dori-Ann Steinberg for a talk about life after legalization and cannabis consumption among seniors. We also chat about edibles, creativity, cannabis education, and more. No matter where you live you’ll learn something useful on Potcast 86. And don’t miss my 420 photo album here.

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