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Potcast 96: Namaste Y'all

Mindful movement, whole food, breath, laughter, and community are the keys to living a great life. So smoke a bowl of your favorite flower and explore non-traditional ideas for adding yoga to your day. Y’all means all and we’re talking about every day activities for every kind of human. Explore the show notes for snack-size stretching sequences from Namaste Y’all Yoga and Leslie’s lean green shake recipe for a daily wellness booster.

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Potcast 95: Munchies Remix

The munchies can be a real devil if you’re not prepared. Explore how cannabis and mindfulness pair with your relationship with food. And tactical things you can do to set yourself up for success. So whether you battle with body issues, feel addicted to sugar or overeating. Or you feel stressed, worried, and anxious around food when you’re high. The nutritional wisdom in Potcast 95 is for you. Find mindful munchie recipes and learn to end emotional eating in these show notes!

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