Potcast 86: Alberta Adventure Part 2

Dive deeper into the Canadian cannabis culture in this 420-edition of my Alberta adventure. I sat down with Dori-Ann Steinberg in Calgary for a talk about life after legalization and cannabis consumption among seniors. We also chat about edibles, creativity, cannabis research and education. No matter where you live you’ll learn something useful on Potcast 86.

‘After the Show’ Notes

Casually Baked in Calgary with Dori-Ann.jpg

I was so happy to meet Dori-Ann Steinberg.

We talked about her work in the Canadian legal cannabis space and the role she plays in empowering the local senior community to use cannabis for wellness. Dori-Ann is also a visual artist so we discussed the creative side of our favorite plant and getting crafty on cannabis.

After the 420 Tea Party I was invited to a private 420 afternoon celebration with some local growers and friends. Afterward I took a power nap and headed out for an elevated dining experience hosted by The Cannabis Sommelier and Chef Mike Pigot.

Below you’ll find a photo album of my day and some of the amazing up-cycled teapots Dori-Ann is creating while casually baked.

The more we share our experiences the faster we normalize our way of life.

I’d love to hear what creative projects you’re working on that are inspired by plant medicine. Or better yet, show me!

Share a link to your work in the comments section below or @casuallybaked on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Kumbaya and Cannabis, -Jo