Potcast 107: Regulators! Smoke Up.

Understand the ins and outs of cannabis regulation and what it means to you as a consumer. Hear from farmers and industry pros for an insider's perspective on seed-to-sale track and trace + good (and bad) manufacturing practices in action in the California cannabis space. Gain a better appreciation of the hard work and funds that go into providing clean, safe cannabis in today's legal market.

‘After the Show’ Notes

While in Humboldt for harvest I spent time with farmer friends now cultivating as licensed growers. It’s one thing to put rules down on paper and a whole other to put them into practice. During the early days of cannabis legalization, there’s a lot of trial and error in operational compliance.

Like twelve other states across the country, California selected Metrc as the state’s track-and-trace system used to track commercial cannabis activity and movement across the distribution chain from seed-to-sale.

The METRC system has four main functions:

  1. TRACK: Monitor and verify reported cannabis inventories in real-time for all licensed cannabis businesses and for all license types in the industry

  2. TRACE: Follow a product back to its origins should it become a public health concern, hold it in the system, and alert licensees of the problem until it is resolved.

  3. TREND: Proactively analyze inventory data to assess risk, distinguish between compliant and non-compliant behavior, identify taxable events, and evaluate public policy. And

  4. REPORT: Utilize trended data to brief stakeholders, construct regulatory and criminal cases, and share aggregated data with the public

Meet CSG Consulting

Connect with MARY for operations questions:  mgcsg4u@gmail.com  | Connect with ANGIE for quality questions:  akcsg4u@gmail.com

Connect with MARY for operations questions: mgcsg4u@gmail.com | Connect with ANGIE for quality questions: akcsg4u@gmail.com


Mary Goff and Angie Kwong combined their experience from the highly regulated worlds of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and the food industry to create CSG Consulting. These ladies help cannabis brands manufacture clean, safe, consistent products efficiently.

They organize and assist companies introducing new ingredients, cannabis, CBD, and food products to market. Listen to their first-hand knowledge of regulatory policies, quality, and operational processes and what they all mean to you as a consumer.


When it comes to compliance, strategy, and management consulting, the ladies recommend Courtney Lang from Taproot Consulting. She is very knowledgeable on the cultivation side of the cannabis industry.

Connect with Courtney of LinkedIn or explore taprootconsults.com to learn more.