Potcast 88: Casually Baked in Portland

Join Jo and Luke Zimmerman for an in-the-wild chat on Portland culture, hemp and CBD trademarks, the cannabis appellation project with California’s Department of Food and Agriculture. And what we can actively do to influence the creation of federal cannabis laws that work for everyone!

UPDATE JUNE 18, 2019: The Oregon Legislature Passes Historic Bill to Allow Cannabis Exports. The cannabis export bill now heads to Governor Kate Brown’s desk and she is expected to sign it. 

‘After the Show’ Notes

It was great to catch up with Luke Zimmerman again on my recent trip to Portland for the Cultivation Classic.


There’s currently a cannabis flower surplus in Oregon which means cheap prices for consumers. Plus there’s no sales tax. So, Oregon is a great vacation spot for your canna curious travelers!

When you visit Portland, OR, Luke recommends checking out Northwest Cannabis Club. According to their website, NW Cannabis Club Is Portland's premier social cannabis membership club. They offer a lifetime membership for $20 (paid at first visit) and then just $5 a visit each time you return. They do not have a daily rate.

Ladies of Paradise offers cannabis-friendly fashion, accessories, and hemp-infused products and gifts.

Degenerate Flame Off is an annual event celebrating the glass subculture including major Oregonian glass brands like North Star and Glass Alchemy. It’s coming up on June 8-9, 2019, in Portland. Get your tickets here.


At least that’s Luke’s prediction. The thought process being that the Farm Bill signed into law on Dec 20, 2018 which removed CBD from the Controlled Substance Act’s scheduled drugs list. CBD is defined as having .3% or less THC. So no CSA violations. However, CBD is not GRAS (generally regarded as safe) certified yet by the Food and Drug Administration so anything that goes into an orifice is not FDA certified as a food or additive. The Safety of CBD is currently being tested. We expect 9mos-2yrs for a decision on this. In the meantime, hemp and CBD topicals and other non-consumable brands can start their trademark process right now.


Use your voice! Share your ideas in the comments section below. I’ll make sure they get into the right hands!

Demand a gifting program for veterans: Integrate compassionate cannabis into veterans’ healthcare plans if they want to use cannabis as alternative medicine. Equity programs that go beyond funding grants. Cannabis criminal record relief. Protection for legacy farms. Opportunities for indigenous tribes. Opportunities for the minority majority. Realistic licensing fees and protocols. Consumer education. Eliminating waste in packaging.

The list goes on and on…. so if you have actionable ideas for making this work for everyone, speak up!