Potcast 77: Cannabis Sherpa

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A lot of you reach out to me for tips on starting the cannabis conversation and normalizing your casually baked lifestyle. If cannabis makes a difference in your life and you have a knack for hosting, perhaps Potcast 77 will inspire you to thoughtfully share cannabis-infused experiences with your inner circle.

How can you shepherd unique, creative, expansive social experiences for your friends, family, tribe and community?

Joining me in the studio, Kathryn Han believes that cannabis can enhance every intentional experience in our lives - whether that be in the mental, physical, professional, social, emotional, sexual or spiritual realms. She hosts private cannabis dinner parties that pair a low-dosed communal meal with an intentional sensory experience. She collaborates with creatives in art, music, and science to curate a unique elevated gathering with a conscious-minded guest list. Her dreams include bringing cannabis to the world in a safe, responsible, and inviting way to present new forms of wellness. 

Join Kathryn’s underground community mailer to learn about mindful cannabis culture and events she’s hosting. Click the link below to join the list. Or email inquiries: thinking.of.a.blue.dream@gmail.com.

‘After the Show’ Notes

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Cannabis Experience Idea Generator!

Do you want to normalize your casually baked lifestyle and come out of the cannabis closet?


Help your “straight arrow” friends and family understand and explore the modern cannabis culture. You can easily create expansive experiences showcasing your normal uses of cannabis! Think about everyday experiences and how cannabis makes them more enjoyable - from cooking, cleaning, and eating to experiencing nature or a trip to the museum. Invite your friends to join you on the journey.

EXPLORE COOKING WITH CANNABIS. Here are some cook books we love: The 420 Gourmet and Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. Cook for or with the ones you love!

EXPLORE CLEANING WITH CANNABIS. Get your friends inspired for spring cleaning with a Tidying Up with Marie Kondo viewing party! Share your favorite “cleaning high” tips and cautionary tales for getting high and going down the organizational rabbit hole.

EXPLORE YOUR WORLD WITH CANNABIS. Being casually baked at a museum, art gallery, or zoo is always a fun activity. What about a casually baked picnic and stroll in the park or hike?

WHATEVER FUN ACTIVITY YOU CAN THINK OF… just add cannabis for an elevated experience.

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Smoke Session

After taping the show, Kathryn’s business partner, Mike joined us for a smoke session. I kept the mics on and captured our conversation. If you’re into being a fly on the wall for stream of consciousness big talk on wellness and aging, check out this bonus pod.

Explore your DNA and learn more about your body and how cannabis, foods, and supplements work for (or against) you with David Krantz, my epigenetic coach from the Apeiron Center for Human Potential.

Unplugged: Breath Day at the Spa

Michael Christoforo is a mindfulness coach and certified Wim Hof Method instructor focused on breathing life into the world. On an extensive path of self exploration and empowerment, Mike found the Wim Hof Method activates his mental, physical and spiritual self more than anything he’s ever experienced. He now shares this practice with others, guiding students to greater health and happiness.

A few hours after our recording session I joined Kathryn and Mike at Onsen SF, an urban bathhouse and Japanese inspired restaurant. Mike shared the Wim Hof Method and led our group in breath work and meditation followed by an ice cold “soul shower.” And then we ate a bomb-ass meal by Chef George Meza.