Potcast 74: Headie Flower Talk

How do we choose the best strains? Do Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa really mean much? Anecdote meets data science on Potcast 74. Amos Elberg uses state of the art data science and machine learning to advance the cannabis industry. In particular, he’s done extensive work in understanding what makes cannabis strains different from each other, how cannabis chemistry relates to experience; and how the cannabis market is structured economically. 


“After the Show” Notes

Amos Elberg, Data Scientist and Creator of Connect

Amos Elberg, Data Scientist and Creator of Connect

Step Up Your Cannabis Flower Game:

Connect - This is for you pot nerds! Explore this 3D visualization of thousands of cannabis strains in terms of their chemical similarities and the variants among flower that shares the same cannabis “name brand”

Benefits of a Maintaining a Medical Cannabis Card in a Legal, Adult-Use Market - Those with a medical cannabis card don’t have to pay retail sales tax on their purchases of medical cannabis, medical cannabis concentrate, edible medical cannabis products, and topical cannabis. 

Signs that Your Weed Might Be Old - Learn the Look, Feel, Smell, and Taste

When choosing your optimum cannabis strain use the sniff test rather than choosing Indica vs. Sativa right off the bat. Every flower is too nuanced to choose based on a general categorization of Indica vs. Hybrid vs. Sativa

Here are the differences between the two species of cannabis flower: Indica vs. Sativa

Typically, cannabis Indica are short, bushy plants reaching roughly 6’ tall with wide leaves . The origins of Indica trace back to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Indica plants typically grow faster and have a higher yield than the sativa variety. The narrow-leafleted cannabis Sativa can reach 12-24’ tall and originated in more tropical climates.

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