Potcast 52: Cannabis Farm Family-Style

It's harvest season! Do you know where your cannabis flower is grown? If you do, have you thanked your farmer lately? I hope this episode of the potcast inspires you to appreciate the art of farming and cannabis cultivation. I encourage you to get to know the farmers behind your favorite flowers. I recently visited my friends' farm, Steep Hill Mendo, in the Emerald Triangle to see how everyday life has changed for our small California cannabis farmers since adult-use legalization.


Visit Cannabis Farms in Northern California

(or anywhere else it's legal)

Do you want to walk between rows and rows of cannabis plants? Do you want to see the work and process that goes into growing the best cannabis in the world? If you want to learn about cannabis gardening, the modern cannabis culture and the finer points of cannabis for wellness with your friends or family consider a trip to my neck of the woods. 

Cannabis tourism is in its infancy, but that's the fun part!

On Potcast 20: Pack Your Bags, I interviewed Brian Applegarth, the CEO and founder of Emerald Country Tours, founder of the Cannabis Trail, and founder of the California Cannabis Tourism Association.

The Cannabis Trail is a non-profit organization, preserving and celebrating northern California's cannabis heritage. Emerald Country Tours are one of the few ways you can enjoy exploring the cannabis culture without having an inside track in these early days of cannabis tourism.

As an experienced cannabis + travel buff, I plan personalized getaways and retreats for bachelor/bachelorette groups, family holidays, and friend getaways and sprinkle in highly responsible cannabis know-how so everyone has a positive experience.

If that sounds interesting to you complete this form and I'll help create a custom cannabis vacation experience for you through my cannabis network.

Kumbaya and cannabis,