Potcast 44: Casually Baked Q&A

It's an impromptu casually baked Q&A. We're talking FDA and Epidiolex, DIY CBD oil, and I do a little personal shopping for a Florida medical cannabis patient.

'After the Show' Notes

Print your cannabinoid and terpene chart for easy reference! This cheat sheet includes benefits and boiling points of the major cannabinoids and terpenes.

Epidiolex is the CBD anti-seizure drug that is the first cannabis drug to be approved by the FDA.

How FDA Approved Cannabis Products Could Affect CBD Distribution Channels - This is a great overview by New Cannabis Ventures quoting industry experts on the situation.

"FDA approval of a CBD-based drug is likely to be a boon for the entire category, raising interest and acceptance of the cannabinoid as being safe and therapeutic. New Frontier Data predicts that the overall U.S. CBD market will increase more than 422% over the next five years to $1.9 billion."

Johanna Nuding