Potcast 45: Highly Responsible Life Hacks

Learn the art of performing at your peak and taking care of your future self while being casually baked. Jo shares her highly responsible life hacks that set Future Jo up for success in business, life, and love.

Over the years I’ve discovered four key ingredients to achieving my version of a successful life.

  1. INTENTIONALITY - living my values

  2. JOYFUL ACTION - doing what I love

  3. GRATITUDE - acknowledging the good stuff

  4. STILLNESS - making time for reflection, visualization, and rest

When these four things become habits you truly begin surfing life finding the open doors, windows, and pockets of opportunity. Finding my flow was a journey of baby steps with inner peace as my compass and cannabis as my co-pilot.

Along the way, I’ve discovered some life hacks that allow me to be casually baked and still ace adulting. If you’re struggling to balance your cannabis consumption with being present in your relationships, getting to meetings on time, hitting deadlines, or speaking intelligently about something on a call you totally forgot about - these life hacks are for you.

After you listen to the potcast leave a comment with your thoughts on the subject or if you have your own highly responsible life hacks to share with me. I'm a curious soul and always hungry to learn something new!

Cheers to finding your flow. -Jo

Johanna Nuding