Potcast 48: Love, Mary Jane

Learn how to book your free Casually Baked consult and contribute your story to the evolving cannabis culture. And meet Jo's latest creative muse - Love, Mary Jane!

"After the Show" Notes

Having an active tribe helps me paint a true picture of the modern cannabis culture on this show. My stories and your stories together are the foundation we need to reframe the picture of what a cannabis consumer looks like. It’s up to us to rewrite the narrative for legalization to include cannabis for wellness as a responsible way of life.

Free Casually Baked Consults

I’ve made it super easy for you to reserve a 15-minute casually baked consult and submit whatever you want to chat about. Our rap session won’t cost you a thing, but you will be paying it forward to the greater casually baked tribe. Your question or experience might be exactly what someone else needs to hear and know. So some or all of the discussion might make it onto a future episode. CLICK THE "SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT" BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.

A New Podcast from Casually Baked Media

"Love, Mary Jane" is the podcast for anyone seeking to understand how cannabis fits into their relationships and uncover what’s working and what’s not. I won’t solve your problems, but I will empower you with an elevated perspective. My hope is you’ll begin to navigate even the trickiest relationships in your life with confidence and compassion and adopt open lines of communication with your loved ones and community.

While I'm working on the first batch of shows I encourage you to submit your cannabis relationship question or the sticky situation you find yourself in at LoveMaryJane.net.  Personal, professional, parental, romantic, community -  nothing is off limits!

Love, Mary Jane the podcast. Coming this fall.

Love, MJ

Submit your canna relationship questions -  nothing is off limits!

Are You Podcast-Challenged?

The podcasting medium is gaining in popularity and momentum as a place to find your tribe and feast on whatever information you're craving. But it turns out that only 19% of consumers listen to podcasts. The problem is with discovery. A lot of people don't know where to find podcasts or how to listen.

If I just described you, we're fixing that right now! If you're rolling your eyes because you're a podcast junkie then share this with one of your clueless friends or family members. Pay it forward! 

To listen to podcasts on your smartphone (Android or iOS): Go to the app store and search for Radio Public (The logo is a red flag with an RP inside).Download the free app and start listening. Not only is it free and easy-to-use, but it helps listeners like you find and support shows like mine. I receive two cents per listen vs. nothing on the other listening apps which equal zero cents/sense).

And don't worry if you currently use another listening app, you can easily import your subscriptions into RadioPublic. I imported thirty-something shows by clicking one button. Easy Peasy. 

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Kumbaya and cannabis,