Potcast 61: Parenting in the Legal Cannabis World

We all wonder what’s going on in teenagers' heads, but it’s hard to find one who’ll sit down and articulate it. On my road trip to the Emerald Triangle, I connected with a dynamic father-daughter duo in Humboldt Co. Parents, glean helpful insight from my conversation with Nat Pennington founder of Humboldt Seed Company and his daughter Halle. Stay tuned next week for a deep dive with Nat into the Humboldt County cannabis business and culture.

Find useful links to substance education resources for parents + teens below.

“After the Show” Notes

Just Say Know Drug Education Program - Learn more and also download lessons on specific substances from opioids to MDMA to caffeine. I've linked a few of the biggies below. Remember, both you and your teen should know the information so you can make informed decisions.

Cannabis Just Say Know Cannabis Powerpoint Template  |  Just Say Know Cannabis Facilitator’s Guide

Alcohol - Just Say Know Alcohol Powerpoint Template  |  Just Say Know Alcohol Facilitator’s Guide

Nicotine - Just Say Know Nicotine Powerpoint Template  |  Just Say Know Nicotine Facilitator’s Guide

Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens and Drugs from the Drug Policy Alliance

Talking to Your Parents About Drugs advice from teens on the SSDP blog 

There is such a thing as Highly Responsible Parenting! 

This is an article I wrote in response to the anxiety I hear from many adults about feelings of shame or guilt for consuming cannabis as parents.

Johanna Nuding