Potcast 59: Cannabis Host Training

If you live in a legal state and host out-of-towners looking to dip their toes into the legal cannabis culture this is your cheat sheet for infusing cannabis into your house guests' experiences in a highly responsible way. If you ARE one of the out-of-towners, it’s always good to study the notes before the test. Dive into this potcast and set yourself up for success!

The ‘Host with the Most’ Cheat Sheet

  1. It is always safer to assume everyone is less experienced with cannabis than they tell you they are. 

  2. Gauge your house guests’ interest level in consuming cannabis BEFORE they arrive. Confirm their experience level and then see Rule #1.

  3. Make a plan to ensure good times. Booze + Cannabis + Newbies = NOT AT MY HOUSE

  4. Diversify your flower and vape line-up and methods of consumption for your guests.

  5. Organize and prep your accoutrement. Showcase your highly responsible side and don’t serve pot in a filthy pipe like I did.

  6. Remember that you smoking alone in your space is one thing, but having multiple smokers in your home is another. I use this air purifier by Levoit and really like it. I also use Sploofy to ghost my smoke… it’s a handheld device you exhale through and it filters the smoke so your room avoids the cloudy haze.

  7. Respect the plant and respect your experience. Make sure you have the things you need for everyone to have a good experience with cannabis.

    If you’re not sure what you need, schedule your free 15-minute cannabis consult with me. Or go ahead and book a full-blown session.