Potcast 58: Q's, A's and Cannabis

It was time to clear out the inbox and answer a few questions from our canna curious tribe. How do you meet other cool pot mamas and find 420-friendly activities and organizations in your community? How do you select, purchase, transport, and consume cannabis to aid in living an optimized life? Get casually baked, settle in, and let’s pair your Q’s with my A’s. Thank you Kyle, Patti, J.P., Amber, and Zeyna for putting yourselves out there. You’re doing great things and I’m proud to be with you on your journey! 

“After the Show” Notes

Are you looking for the best way to select, purchase, transport, and consume cannabis to aid in helping you live an optimized life? That’s EXACTLY what I can teach you as a cannabis lifestyle guide. If you want a personalized roadmap we can make that happen. You and I will connect on video or phone calls covering specific questions and concerns of yours. I show you the tools I use to explore my own cannabis experience so you can feel empowered to do the same for yourself. You’ll also gain the canna confidence you need to have those important conversations within your relationships affected by cannabis.

Sometimes it takes a single phone call to get you on your way and then you can just hit me up for another call when you need me. However, if you’re really looking to change to a cannabis for wellness lifestyle then I will teach you how to optimize your experience over a series of calls. I believe when you have the right tools you can do anything. I’ll share the tools I use and it’ll be up to you to hone your own experience. Remember, we’re all precious snowflakes.

Find your local chapter of NORML… that’s always a great place to start to find like-minded cannabis advocates and activities near you. Here’s the DFW NORML Facebook page for you, Texas Pot Mama!

Requested TEXAS-CENTRIC Cannabis Event Links:

Texas Marijuana Policy Conference or Ark-La-Tex Cannabis Business Expo

Please, Vote! Save America!

Voting rights! Healthcare! Salmon! (Salmon?)

There are more than 150 initiatives on state ballots this year, and a lot of them are SO confusing. In fact, some are written by interest groups to be confusing on purpose! See what will be on your ballot using our voter guide, so you're fully prepared when you actually vote. Including that salmon initiative, Alaska. Democracy! Sometimes, you have to read stuff.

Note: This is not your real ballot, it's a guide to your real ballot. So please really vote in this real election.

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