Hugging It Out With Uncertainty

Uncertainty.  Man, has it been all over me like white on rice!

As an active gal living in the flow, there's always a chance things can get a little tricky, and quickly escalate to aggressively overwhelming. With work, love, family, health, hobbies, and the always present responsibilities of “adulting”… Going with the flow sometimes resembles trying to hang onto five inner tubes rafting down the Russian River.

So, as I was saying, things have been quite complex and unpredictable in my world lately. Unfortunately, when I’m personally feeling doubt, I turn into the darkest and foreboding of storytellers. Edgar Allen Poe and Ray Bradbury would be so proud, kind-of-dark.

I do have a cure for uncertainty, though. And, since I’m quite convinced I’m not the only one who wrestles with it, I’m sharing my recipe with you. It includes three daily doses of mindfulness with a side of flower power.

1. Morning Cannabis-Infused Meditation

This is your most important meeting of the day, as I evangelized in a recent blog post. Give it a read if you want to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. I promise it will change your everyday experience and ultimately your life.  

2. An Evening Reefer Recap

This is probably my favorite solo activity of the day. As a ganjapreneur, I manage my time by dedicating blocks of hours to various clients or projects. When the 5’o’clock whistle blows, I’m just taking a breather before I swap hats and get back to work.

During that recess, I sit down and choose an Indica-heavy hybrid (Platinum GSC is my current favorite) to micro-dose. Because I prefer to smoke flower in the evenings, the effects are instantaneous. If a heaving sigh of relief were a feeling, this would be it. When I reach that level of relaxation in both my body and mind, I’m able to mentally playback my day, sans the extra mind chatter, and review it like playoff game film. I can see the big picture and the full spectrum of perspectives. It frees me to process my daily interactions, and all of the residual feelings, from a deeply thoughtful place. 

This 15-20 minute act of mindfulness enhances my day 100% of the time.

During my reefer recaps, I'm constantly reminded that living in the flow is by its very nature unpredictable, and that I have no idea how any of the stories in my life will end. Truly understanding and processing that notion gives way to a powerful freedom – what we do matters, but we can’t control the future, so we might as well follow our joy in the present.

3. Good Night Visualization

When I finally get to bed, there’s usually 5-10 minutes of winding down that needs to happen before sweet dreams creep onto the scene. In those moments, I resist the urge to gaze into the mesmerizing glow of my iPhone and instead visualize how I want to feel in my life. Sometimes it’s as immediate as envisioning myself giving a stellar presentation the next day. Other times, I see Future Jo meeting, sharing, and doing seemingly normal things, but the focus is on the feelings I want to feel – love, gratitude, confidence, security, abundance. I fall asleep every night to my own mental blockbuster movie, starring Future Jo.

Life is a beautiful, topsy-turvy rollercoaster! Making time in your day for moments of mindfulness will most certainly help you enjoy the ride. Cannabis is an excellent co-pilot.

If you've got questions about incorporating a cannabis for wellness lifestyle, I'm here to help! Post your question in the comment section below or email me here.

Mindfully yours,


P.S. Uncertainty and I are now hugging it out. 

Johanna Nuding