Your Most Important Meeting of the Day

As a ganjapreneur and social butterfly, it’s easy for me to get swept up in a flurry of activities, meetings, dinners, parties, and the like.  Just five short years ago, that’s exactly where I was. I’d lost focus of where business ended and play began because they both eerily seemed like a bunch of fuckin’ work.

That’s when I walked away from it all and moved my confused ass to Italy for a mid-life retirement. During that time, I began a daily meditation practice and began experimenting with the inclusion of cannabis and it’s effects on my level of introspection.

Today, I can honestly tell you my daily 15-minute, cannabis-infused meditation is my most important meeting of the day.  I check in with my body, set my intentions for the day, and give my creative mind some breathing room.

If you’re the type who can’t possibly find time for meditation or you get anxiety thinking about sitting still in silence for 15-minutes, then you, my friend, need meditation most of all!

Don’t know how? Mark that excuse off your list, too. See below for my meditation flow and an awesome app recommendation.

Tip for parents: If you don’t have time in the morning because you’ve got rugrats to get up, feed and get to school so they can be somebody when they grow up, try meditating in your car after you get to work. It’ll help you get dialed in after the bustling morning routine and commuter traffic. Take public transportation? Even better… I’ve meditated on planes, trains, ferries, buses, and even carpooling once.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t the driver.

Jo's Canna Meditation Flow

Beginner Tip: START WITH STEP 2 until you're comfortable with the process. Meditate for 5-minutes and work your way up to 15 or 20-minutes as you build a steady, confident practice. 

Find a comfortable place to sit… Don’t lie down; you can take a 10-minute power nap after lunch.  More on that later.  

1.     Get casually baked. Microdose your favorite mind-opening flower using your favorite method of consumption. I find a 80/20 Indica dominant strain works best for me. Too much Sativa can make my heart racy and make me need to move, not sit calmly and breathe. Use your dosage tracker to figure out your favorite and find your zen spot.

2.     Begin with some deep breaths: In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Do this for 20-30 seconds and then gently close your eyes.

3.     Settle your mind. Notice the physical space and sounds around you and feel the sensations in your body.

4.     Do a quick 30-second scan of your body from head to toe. Check in to see how you’re feeling today. Is anything achy, or heavy or? Acknowledge it and keep moving.

5.     Set your intention for the day and for the meditation. Finding clarity is powerful. Do you need a little extra confidence today for that big pitch? Or patience with an annoying cohort? Meditate to take care of Future You and to be the best version of yourself for the people around you.

6.     Settle your mind on your breath. Rest in the sensation of the rising and falling. Spend the bulk of your meditation time here – for me, it’s about 10 minutes. When you notice your mind has wandered (and it happens to all of us), just gently bring focus back to the breath.

7.     Now let your mind wander. This is where I tend to find answers to those things that were stealing my attention away in Step 6. I also concept ideas in this space and visualize conversations, interactions, etc.  Spend as much time here as you want.

8.     Resume awareness of the physical space and sounds around you. Gently open your eyes, but remain still. Feel the sensations in your body. Notice how you feel differently than you did with your first body scan.

9.     Recognize the sensation of inner-peace and specifically express gratitude. Who and/or what are you grateful for today?

10. Have a mindful day.  Note: A mindful day is always a good day.

Highly Responsible Recommendation: Great guided meditation options by Headspace 

If you incorporate meditation into your daily routine, I promise it will change your everyday experience and ultimately your life.  

Namaste and love,


Johanna Nuding