What's Your Motivation?

I've been a regular cannabis consumer for 20 years; I'm considered the "token stoner" in many of my social circles. I've never been bothered by the "stoner" label because I'm too busy to give a shit.

Until I decided to start my own cannabis company and google imaged "stoner" one day.  Ummm. Yeah, that's not me.  And then I went to the SoCal Cannabis Cup and didn't find anything that was speaking to me - a business-class, fun-loving, functional stoner. On the other hand, it was like Christmas morning for the stereotypical stoner.

I came home from that road trip and decided I was going to be a catalyst to change things. I visualized "casually baked" becoming the new functional high. I began living my cannabis for wellness lifestyle on display and engaging my friends, family and anyone else who'd listen in a dialogue about the benefits of cannabis and how mindfulness and microdosing were the keys to an amazing wellness experience.

And, since I couldn't find a clever pot t-shirt, I decided to create some myself. I found out my punny pot tees and tanks are great conversation starters. (Side Note: When I make it back to California after the Christmas holiday we'll be restocking merch supplies... the cupboards are pretty bare at the moment, but you can check them out here.)

The more I talked, the more questions I received. Cannabis is a complex plant, as is the endocannabinoid system inside of our bodies that serves as the mother board for integration of cannabis with our whole body. Turns out, I'm pretty good at normalizing complex subject matter. I discovered patterns in the questions being asked and ended up with buckets of information. I rallied a few members of my girl power tribe to assist me in compiling everything into a fun, digestible, cannabis education kit. The fruits of our labor are finally ready. I'd be honored if you checked out the Cannabis Class Kit and tell me what you think.

So, that's why I started casuallyBAKED.

If you're curious how to incorporate cannabis for wellness into your own life, ask me anything. I'm here to help.



P.S. What about you? What get's you going? I challenge you to do a little something every day to get you one step closer to what you desire. Baby steps are powerful, trust me. You got this!

Johanna Nuding