Potcast 27: The Dosing Dilemma

Jo dives into cannabis dosing with Mara Gordon, a world-renowned cannabis expert, and researcher. The founder of Aunt Zelda's and Calla Spring Wellness, Mara shares advice on honing our consumption experience. 

'After the Show' Notes

Dosing Tips from Aunt Zelda’s:

  • Start low and increase slowly
  • Don’t start with an edible
  • Try a sublingual for a consistent, accurate dose
  • Consume cannabis with some good fat to aid in bioavailability
  • Look for products with a verified certificate of analysis free of pesticides, microbials, molds, mildews or solvents 
  • Read the label! 
    • Avoid sugar found in most edibles. If you don’t see healthy edible options on the dispensary shelves request them... because they do exist!
    • Avoid propylene glycol (PPG) found in many vape concentrate cartridges
    • Avoid vegetable glycerin found in many vape concentrate cartridges

Are you taking pharmaceutical drugs and want a smart, strategic solution for incorporating cannabis into your treatment plan? 

  • Calla Spring Wellness offers consultations via phone or Skype to anywhere in the world. A California Prop. 215 recommendation is not required for consultations.

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