Potcast 54: Hey, Budtender!

Budtenders hold the keys to your dispensary shopping experience. I recently collaborated with the founding team of BDTNDR, an online platform that’s zeroing in on budtenders’ needs and in turn is creating value for the cannabis retail ecosystem. Listen and learn how to get the most out of your cannabis retail experience.

‘After the Show’ Notes

Are you a budtender and want to hone your skills to better serve your customers?

Create a profile on BDTNDR and engage with major cannabis brands. Be sure to take my new Consumer 101 course on the platform so you can meet your customers wherever they are.

Find and follow @BDTNDR on Instagram and Twitter.

Do you want to become a budtender, but don’t have the chops yet to talk cannabis like a pro?

Check out the educational videos and programs at Green Flower Media! They offer the largest platform for trusted cannabis information, education, and digital media.

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Johanna Nuding