Potcast 56: Casually Baked in Italy

I'm back from my "framily" reunion in Italy! Thank you for being patient while I took some much needed R&R. If you're a traveler, savvy citizen, or simply curious what happens outside of your bubble enjoy this international, casually baked chat. I sat down with one of my BO favorites, Michael Phillips, who happens to publish the Bologna Press, an English-speaking publication serving the 60,000 foreign residents living in Bologna - to discuss cannabis in Italy, brainstorm ways to motivate political and cultural change and explore lifestyle differences.

‘After the Show’ Notes

If you’re inspired by our conversation, but aren’t registered to vote in the United States, visit VoteSaveAmerica.com ASAP. You have the right to be heard, but it’s your responsibility to speak up.

Learn more about VOLT Europa: A Pan-European, progressive movement that stands for a new and inclusive way of doing politics. VOLT strives to bring real change to all European citizens.

I was recently introduced to the website Herbonaut. Thank you, Winston, in Amsterdam for reaching out and sharing your work. Winston took the time to highlight cannabis laws in each country in Europe. I haven’t had a chance to do a deep dive yet so I’m sharing the information with the caveat that it’s ultimately your responsibility to know the laws where you choose to consume. Herbonaut will be a great place to start your research on cannabis laws across Europe!

Johanna Nuding