Potcast 79: Puff Puff Personal Growth

If you’re in a transitional space in life - the loss of a loved one, reframing life experience and past traumas, a career change, uprooting your life to experience something new. Letting go and receiving are the two actions that help us evolve and move through to the other side. And cannabis is an excellent co-pilot. Jo shares an impromptu and raw conversation about her own experience of personal growth.

‘After the Show’ Notes

Do you want to let go but don’t know how?

READ THIS from Tony Robbins to explore how to let go of the past and your old “story." Move forward and start living a more fulfilling life by embracing the power of letting go.

EXPLORE THESE ACTIONS to help let go of anger, stress, bitterness, and past relationships. Taking actionable steps can release us from the negative feelings loop.

Do you want to receive but don’t know how?

There is a flow between giving and receiving. We’re all taught the power and importance of giving at an early age, but most of us never really learn to receive. Most of us feel heightened vulnerability in receiving - compliments, help, financial assistance, love, attention - and we are quick to dismiss or reject it.

The art of receiving is a universal quagmire. Men struggle with this concept as much as women! Consider how you respond when given a gift or compliment. Do you have room to grow?

Learn to receive with an open heart and change your life for the better.


Johanna Nuding