Potcast 71: Mom Life + Smoking CBD

Potcast 71 is for busy moms wearing a lot of hats, and professionals with stressful jobs, and anyone finally ready to drop cigarettes like a bad habit. Explore the benefits of cannabis and smoking CBD with a studio full of women modeling a cannabis for wellness lifestyle. We discuss our favorite ways to keep it together + show up our best selves at home and in business. Start your homework on smoking CBD in the show notes below.

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Welcome to Garden Society

While on the surface it may have looked like I had it all together, I was really struggling within myself to balance my career, my side business, being a community volunteer, a wife, a friend, a sister, an auntie, everything – just like all of the other women out there who are constantly being pulled in so many different directions.  -Erin Gore

If you can relate, join Erin Gore and Karli Warner, the co-founders of Garden Society, on their new podcast launching in February. Garden Society, the podcast begins with the journey to find joy on season one.

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