Potcast 42: Family Full-Circle

Families are for appreciating and mine gets an A+ for this year's family reunion. Explore Jo's casually baked family gathering and get inspired! If you've got "family issues" this one is especially for you.

'After the Show' Notes

Great travel/active lifestyle smoking gear recommendation: At my family reunion my sister had one of these silicone "EYCE spoons" which was super awesome out by the pool. It will soon be equally bombtastic in my bag of tricks (aka my stash bag). If you're curious if it's cool to smoke out of silicone - from what I read the answer is yes if you purchase from a quality, reputable source, but do your own homework and decide for yourself.

PRO TIP: Use little glass screens and you won't suck ash through the pipe into your mouth, but be careful not to forget you're using a glass screen and dump it in the ashtray or trash. If you do, no worries. They're inexpensive and handy when you get the hang of using them.

If you want to help out with the immigrant family separation crisis happening at our Texas-Mexico border consider this charitable fund where you can put your energy and dollars towards making sure these kids don't get lost in the system and separated from their families forever. Family is how we learn love. A lot of caged, confused, terrorized children not getting nurtured or feeling love will create a far worse problem down the road. Love and compassion is always the answer - especially when it comes to families. Do what you can!

 The "Legal Representation, Education, and Advocacy Fund" (LEAF) is supporting the efforts of RAICES.

"As hundreds of children are being ripped away from their parents at the Texas-Mexico border, RAICES received word this week that funding to represent unaccompanied children is ending. Children with representation are not lost. More than 90% of children with representation continue on with their court case. Children with representation are five times more likely to be successful in their case that children who go to court alone. Representation is often the last line of safety for children very vulnerable to exploitation by both a system and a country hostile to their presence." -RAICES


Johanna Nuding