Potcast 40: Cannabis + Travel

After hosting a friend from another state it got me to thinking about those of you with summer vacations on the horizon. If you plan to visit an adult-use cannabis legal state any time soon, this potcast is for you.

'After the Show' Notes

Is Cannabis Legal In My State/The State I'm Traveling? Check out this interactive map on Civilized. Their source is Norml.org if you'd prefer to navigate through the original.

How do I find the nearest dispensary to me? Sites like Leafly.com and WeedMaps.com will help you not only find the nearest dispensaries, but you can also peruse their menu of offerings and pricing before you go.

What should I bring with me to the dispensary? You must show a valid state ID or driver's license. Also, bring cash! Many dispensaries do have ATM's but sometimes you have to walk to the corner store which is annoying. 

I know it's hard to follow the rules when you don't know them. I encourage you to ask questions when you're at the dispensary if you're unclear on any rules or products or dosage and effects. I'm quite familiar with the discomfort of being in a foreign place and not knowing stuff. It's character building.

UPDATE - Great travel/active lifestyle smoking gear recommendation: At my family reunion my sister had one of these which was super awesome out by the pool. And will soon be in my stash bag. If you're curious if it's cool to smoke out of silicone - from what I read the answer is yes, but do your own homework and decide for yourself.

Johanna Nuding