Potcast 36: The ABC's of CBD

Are you overwhelmed shopping for CBD products? Jo is. Dive into this cannabidiol Q&A and learn the basics so you can shop for and consume CBD with confidence.

IMPORTANT LEGAL UPDATE: "In a decision likely only to add to the legal confusion around cannabidiol (CBD) in the United States, a federal appellate court in California has rejected an industry challenge to a DEA rule that effectively outlawed the cannabinoid." Read more here on Leafly. And here from The Denver Post. I'm working to figure out what that means for us as consumers. I'll update you with what I learn on Potcast 37. -Jo

'After the Show' Notes

Coconut Oil vs. MCT Oil vs. Lauric Acid: What Is MCT Oil Really?

I found a great blog by Dave Asprey, the entrepreneur who founded Bulletproof coffee. He does a great job of explaining the nuances and benefits of the various fatty acid oils. Bottom line - CBD oil products that use true MCT for its carrier oil are more potent and have a more immediate effect.


Save money and do it yourself. It's easy, safe, and super duper legal.

Superior Carrier Oil - Bulletproof's Brain Octane Oil

Reputable CBD Source - Definitely shop around if you're versed in the search. If you have no clue, this is what I'd purchase to make a 50-state legal CBD oil with no THC.

Bottling Recommendation - I prefer this style of container, but go nuts.

DIY Recipe - They call it tincture in this recipe, but tinctures contain alcohol. This is a CBD Oil recipe.

CBD Product Recommendation for those that don't have time to DIY:

Eva supplements are 100% organic, vegan, and Fair Trade Certified (where available.)  No Calories, No Fillers, 3 Ingredients per vegan capsule. Free of all major allergens. Safe for restricted diets & perfect for the conscious user. 

Jo's Morning Wellness Routine

  • Hot lemon water with turmeric tincture - pre-coffee and breakfast

  • Cannabinoid-specific 3mg tablinguals by Level Blends: (1) each of "Remedy" CBD / "Calm" CBG / "Relieve" THCA - these three cannabinoids are non-psychoactive

  • Magnesium Capsule for chronic muscle tension in neck and shoulders

  • Hyaluronic Acid Complex (with collagen) for skin, joints and aging gracefully

  • Triphala for healthy digestion and rock star poops

  • Molecula Silver - I've been drinking a couple of tablespoons of this for over six years. It is great for blood health and is anti-viral. It keeps me from catching things from my friends' critters er children.

  • Micro-dose cannabis flower from my Firefly 2 vaporizer pre-meditation

Johanna Nuding