Potcast 31: Under the Covers

Crawl under the covers with me for this casually baked confessional. Jo overshares about her experiences with isolation and why she uses cannabis to treat bouts of depression and anxiety.

'After the Show' Notes

I encourage you to find a cannabis doctor or nurse practitioner and discuss safe and healthy treatment options. Too many choices can be paralyzing so I've included two practices I support below. There are tons more if you'd rather Google guide you. 

These two medical groups offer consultations via phone or Skype to anywhere in the world. A medical cannabis recommendation is not required for consultations.

Calla Spring Wellness focuses on research, treatment, and dosing therapy for chronic diseases.

Green Health Consultants <SHOW NOTES UPDATE: NOW RADICLE HEALTHCARE> does not distribute medicine. They provide counseling and individualized treatment plans developed in collaboration with dietitians and your doctor for safe and effective use of cannabinoids to manage a health condition, treat an illness, and reduce intake of pharmaceuticals.

Johanna Nuding