Potcast 64: Find Your Alpenglow

Explore life off the grid with the Johnson family of Alpenglow Farms in Southern Humboldt. Get inspired by their family and farming values.

And because when we know better we make better choices: Learn a thing or two about regenerative farming practices to elevate your cannabis shopping experience.

Don’t miss the impromptu tour and videos below of regenerative farming in action.

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‘After the Show’ Videos

Sometimes it’s easier to jut see for yourself. Explore what regenerative farming looks like at Alpenglow Farms. I was trying to be present, learn something, and record the experience all at the same time. I did my best on the videos. It's hard to be present AND be a good videographer. :)

The Science of Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference begins in January in Vancouver, BC.

Find out if Craig will visit a city near you to discuss regenerative farming by following @alpenglowfarms707 on Instagram and checking the conference tour schedule!

Johanna Nuding