Free Your Mind

When I began smoking cannabis one of the first things I noticed and loved was its ability to free my mind. I soon began to discover the wellness benefits through my own personal cannabis experiences – this was before anybody was googling anything and my becoming a pot nerd - the health benefits came as welcomed side effects to my mind expanding experiences.

When I smoked cannabis, my ever-tight neck and shoulders would lighten up. My racing mind would finally tell me to stop and take a breath. And then another.  And then a deeper, longer inhale with a relieving sigh on the exhale. *sigh*

"Now just be and let action follow inspiration – if only for a little bit," my mind would say. 

So for a little bit, I would ask myself, “What do I want to do right now? How do I feel? How do I want to feel?” Steadily, those moments of mindfulness expanded from a little to a lot. Today I don’t try hard to live an inspired life; it’s simply what I do. 

I changed. Hell, I’m still changing. I wake up every day and actively challenge myself to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. That overly critical, shaming self rarely even whispers to me anymore. Instead, I am a gentle warrior and my battle cry is one of bravery, abundance and love.  I am my very best friend speaking soothing words of love, encouragement and motivation exactly when I need it. I actively intend to have a meaningful moment of connection with every person I meet.  And, yes, I’m casually baked during many of these exchanges, if you’ve ever met me and wondered. Talking to strangers is one of my favorite pastimes; I hear incredible stories and learn new things from interesting characters and continue to expand my view of life's journey.

I prefer sitting at the bar where all the action is. I take a little longer at the juice bar counter or the grocery checkout line or with the budtender at the dispensary. Whatever I do, I'm in the moment so as to engage as fully as possible in the human experience.  Being present seems to slow time for me and creates a joyful playground in which to create.

Cannabis became the catalyst for my transformation into a self-loving, self-soothing, aware and focused creator.  I make time every day to be still and mindful, and visualize – sometimes I’m picturing a tough conversation or interaction I’m going to have later that day. Sometimes it’s about business ideas I’m developing.  Or my future 50-year-old-self sitting on the porch catching up with my best girl friends.  Or a moment where I’m being showered with love, respect and affection by the one I love. When I do this exercise, I’m casually baked and I feel it all - the good, the bad, and the scary.

Cannabis brings those moments of visualization to life and unlocks the most extraordinary feelings. Like an archaeologist, I explore the cracks and crevices of myself and uncover the hidden treasures of wisdom – gems that have been there all along, waiting to be discovered. When I find them, I say thank you and beam knowing another secret to living my best life.

What about you? Are you ready to make a change and don't know how or where to begin?  If you're canna curious and inspired to learn more about the modern cannabis lifestyle, ask me anything!

I'm here to help. 



Johanna Nuding